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Have a puppy ? Want a dog who listens, is social, is confident and knows whats
right from wrong ? The Angels can help. We are there every step of the way to
establish a balanced life for you and your pets well-being. Start young and we
will set you up with the best tools for your dog to grow and be the best they can
be. From walks, to socializing to basic commends and introduction to grooming,
daycare and so much more. - they may need a little guidance and a little push
into the right direction. Our professional and knowledgeable
Dog Training Angels are here to help!

We offer the following training services to help you and your canine friend better
understand each other and live in greater harmony.


The first step is a consultation session; our Training Angel will help you outline
and evaluate your and your pups' needs, pinpoint the root of undesirable
behaviors, and set up a training schedule you can fit into your everyday life.


Best if you have only one thing you'd like to work on; includes one hour private
training session at our Daycare Center with the Training Angel and your Pup
and bring-home exercises to implement with your pup.
Dog Training & Puppy Training

Puppy classes

4 SESSION PACKAGE - 396$ [240min]

6 SESSION PACKAGE - 500$ [360min]

Basic training for puppies or young adults; usually divided into 6 Private 60 minute sessions, once per week, with bring-home exercises to
implement and practice with your pup each week. Includes one training consult at 99$ and 6 classes at 99$/ea.

While most pups will usually benefit from 6 sessions for basic training, some pups require fewer sessions, some might require more.

BOOT CAMP - 1,500$ - 2,000$ [4 - 6 weeks]

We also offer training in a loving, on-site ‘boot-camp’! All pups need affection, this is true, but they also need structure and discipline in their
everyday lives.

During our 4-6 week camp, your dog will socialize, learn to obey basic commands and to walk well on leash. Upon their return home, you will
have a well-behaved pooch, along with instructions and tips on how to maintain this nice, balanced behaviour over the long-term.


Training sessions are held at our Daycare and Spa (930 Courcelle St) in the evenings, by appointment
For optimal results, it is best that your pup arrive well-exercised, and having not yet eaten their supper, as this will improve their ability to focus
and their motivation to pay attention

If you would like to book an evaluation session and begin you and your pup's learning journey, please let us know!
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