Black Sunflower Seeds
4kg        $11.99
8kg        $17.99
16kg      $24.99
Cracked Corn Cleaned
20kg      $16.99
Shelled Peanuts
7kg        $29.99
16kg      $54.99
Canary Seeds
22.7kg      $59.99
Thistle / Nyjer Seeds
8kg        $39.99
16kg      $80.99
Safflower Seeds
4kg           $11.99
8kg           $18.99     
16kg         $24.99
22.7kg      $59.99
Canola Seeds
22.7kg        $34.99
Stipped Sunflower Seeds
16kg      $30.99
Bronze Wild Birds
7kg        $9.99
16kg      $17.99
Regular seed mix with
12% sunflower seeds
Gold Wild Birds
7kg        15.99
16kg      $27.99
30% sunflower seeds
10% peanuts
5 % Safflower
White Millet
22.7kg      $34.99
Shelled Sunflower Seeds
9kg        $45.99
Red Millet
22.7kg      $34.99
7kg        $8.99
16kg      $15.99
Contains: 11% sunflower
seeds & 10% peanuts **No
Hanging Suet
800g        $6.99
Economic Wild Birds
7kg        $8.99
16kg      $15.99
Contains: Different mix of
Peanuts in Shell
4kg        $24.99
12kg      $64.99
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