Please note pet taxi services are offered to vacationers staying at our pet resort and included with our
grooming appointments:

Pick up (12pm - 2:30pm)
Delivery (10:30am - 1pm)

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-Did your kitty cat go outside before you left for a 10-hour day in the middle of winter?
Were you running late and didn’t have time to wait until your kitty came back in?

Don’t worry! Call My Pet's Best Friend / l'Ange Gardienne to come and open the door, letting your pet back
inside starting at 40.00$ depending upon location

Too hot - TooCold? You didn’t realize the 20+C / 20-C weather was a heat wave today? Cold front? Call us to
bring your buddy water or open the door for your cats.
House Check , plant care, bringing in mail

When you leave it's important for your insurance policy to have someone visit every three
days. We will assure a lived in look by alternating lights, watering plants, picking up the
mail and putting out the trash.
pet sitter care
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T: 514.817.3228
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Pet Taxi for Pet Vacationers
(locations vary in rate)
* conditions may apply
Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Other days add 40$
25.00$ - 65.00$
Montreal, Brossard, Laval, Quebec
Phone: 514.817.3228