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Medical Administration

Les Anges Gardiennes, trained professionals offers home visits. It is essential to give your pet
medication as prescribed by your veterinarian. If  you plan a business trip, family vacation,
emergency or a full days work. The Guardian Angels are here to ensure your pet's get a great
experience and lots of love before and after administering medication. We also offer
consultations to be there for you, so you can feel comfortable with administering yourself. Oral,
Topical, or Sub-Cutaneous (Diabetes, renal disease)
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Please note:  Our Angels are trained by a certified Veterinary Technician

Oral Hygiene : Teeth Scaling and Polishing

Les Anges Gardiennes promotes dental hygiene We want you to keep
kissing your dogs! Not only does clean teeth make kisses fresher but most
importantly keeps your dogs healthy ! Not maintaining your dogs oral hygiene
can lead to dental disease can which affects many organs in their little bodies.
Thats why many of our pet parents enjoy our sedation free ( no anesthetic)
teeth scaling and polishing with non-invasive techniques.
Preformed by a veterinary technician, your dogs will enjoy smiling and kissing
you once again!
*Your dog must be friendly

Starts at 190.00$ + per treatment during Pet Spa Days
Approximate time 40min
In home add 20$+ (varies upon area)

Schedule teeth brushing during ,
pawjama partys, dog sitting
pet hotel vacation. Don’t forget your pet’s teeth still need
brushing while you’re away!
The best cure for
periodontal disease is prevention.  
pet sitter care
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Help keep my teeth
sparkling clean
Diabetes , Renal failure... Don't feel alone
Les Anges Gardiennes are here for you!
Other Services
Dog walking, Pet sitting, Dog boarding and Grooming
Delivery of Pet Food and Supplies
Montreal, South Shore, Laval, Quebec
Phone: 514.817.3228