Creating a long-term relationship begins with a strong foundation. Day care, dog walking, pet
sitting, boarding or even just a little hello while delivering monthly or bi-monthly pet food and
Your pet will remember and associate your leaving with  a great feeling and  happy experiences.

They are part of your family and, with Les Anges Gardiennes, they become part of our family!   

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Socializing your family pet is important during the first couple of months of your pet’s life. This
process conditions them to be friendly and loving with other people and pets. Pet sitting, dog
walking and pet hotel / doggy day care will benefit you and your pet!

Group walks, day care and  puppy classes are great opportunities for your puppy to get to
know other friends.
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Chico and Dulce
Spud and
Vanessa and
pet sitter care
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T: 514.817.3228